Past Dogs at Mystiqview

  • Kirbyholme Skyes Dalimit CCD "Skye"

  • Mystiqview Fire Inth Sky "Miko"

  • Wylie Wicked Temptation "Mia"

  • Macnallem And Time Stood Still "Mia"

  • Mystiqview Fightn Chance "Pepe" (Never Bred)

  • Kirbyholme Jemmas Instyle "Jemma" (Never bred)

Kirbyholme Skyes Dalimit CCD:

Skye is my foundation brood bitch. While here at Mystqiview Border Collies, she did basic obedience, although she thought it more fun to run and bark at the neighbour's horses. She is a loveable girl who just adores getting in your lap. After her first litter here at Mystiqview, she went on lease to Robyn Jensen of Gympie who started training her for agility, jumpers and possibly tracking. She has appeared briefly in the trial ring with her owner Robyn Jensen to obtain her CCD title. She now lives just north of Gympie, Queensland with her owners Robyn and Leslie Jensen with their three other dogs, chickens, ducks and sheep.

Skye returned to Mystiqview Border Collies on 23 April 2006, for one last litter before going back to Robyn Jensen to continue her training in Agility, Jumpers and Tracking. She is now back in Gympie resuming her Agility/Jumpers/Tracking/Obedience Training. Good Luck Skye and Robyn

Mystiqview Fire Inth Sky:

Miko was the pup retained and placed in a lovely pet home for future breeding plans. I was unable to keep her at the time due to council restrictions on numbers allowed to keep where I was living. She was placed in a lovely pet home on the condition she be returned for a litter.

On the 10th August 2010, she delivered two lovely puppies to Aust GR CH Korella Strike A Light. Miko was one of the puppies from my 2006 Firecracker litter. She is an energetic and alert bitch who has an outgoing and loving temperament. She is great around children and other dogs and has passed these lovely traits off to her offspring. See my 2008 litter page for photos of her two babies. Miko returned to her family and has been desexed and lives her life as a valued family member.

Wylie Wicked Temptation:

Mia has been one of my founddation girls here at Mystiqview. I have had this girl since she was two weeks of age. As a favour to her breeder at the time, I hand raised the surving three puppies in which Mia was one. It is probably due to this hand rearing, she is such a loveable little girl.

While shown as a baby puppy, she now only comes out at the occassional speciality show. Showing was not her forte and she prefers to be queen of the couch. If not for the fact she is a dog, you would think this girl was a cat with her cuddly nature and her aptitude to clean you. From Mia, I have retained one male dog "Blue" who can be seen on my webpage. She also has produced some lovely agility dogs and great family pets.

Mia is heavily line bred on the old Minimbah bloodline which stopped in the mid 1990's when their breeder stopped breeding. Sporting some of the best dogs around, it has proven to many to be a very sound starting point for a number of kennels and success has been achieved in all disciplines.

Mia is now retired wither her own bedroom and couch with friends parent's in Harvey Bay.

Macnallem And Time Stood Still:

Pippa came to me after a disasterous litter in 2012 where I lost all the female puppies fading puppy syndrome. This horrible experience has no real cause and breeders are often helpless as their babies just fade and die for no apparent reason.

Pippa was entrusted to us from Courtney and Linda Butler from Macnallem kennels in Sydney. While she was a little trouble maker as a baby puppy, she grew into the most loyal and loveable little dog and our constant shadow. She is a gentle girl and full of love and gets along with everyone.

She was not shown as a baby has her ears became a little too high for the show ring. She was brought out at three years old and in her first two shows managed to pick up Best of Breed and Bitch Challenge and come home with 18 points.

She had two litters for us here at Mystiqview. Sadly both litters required a caesarian section due to uterin inertia. On her second litter, it was decided to have her desexed.

Pippa now lives in Cairns with Simon and Sarah Dart who also own a puppy from my very first litter in 2005. She is still spoilt and part of a very much loved family.

Mystiqview Fightn Chance:

"Pepe" was named for one of my all time favourite cartoons. Although she is female, she looks like the cat that walked under the paint tin. After a difficult start to life, Pepe is hopefully the fighting chance back to something promising. She has personality plus and a devil may care attitude.

Border Collie Club Qld Open Show February: 
Pepe's debut into the show world saw her receive "Baby Puppy in Show".

While the only female in her class. She did beat her opposite. Not bad for her first day out! Her second day out, Pepe topped it up with Puppy In Group at Oakey Show in March 2011.At 10 months of age, she is now a Multi Class in Group Winner, winning groups in baby puppy, puppy, and minor puppy classes. At 15 months, she did not mature enough to remain competitive in the ring and now lives in a lovely family home outside of Newcastle in NSW.

Kirbyholme Jemmas Instyle CD:

Jemma (Duckie) was my first border collie. At 14 months we completed our Companion Dog Title (CD), averaging scores of 189. As she was a young dog, we gave her last year off to "grow a brain" and mature. We arrived back on the trial circuit early this year in Open Dog a little rusty. Jemma was retired from the ring due to ill health and was living the lap of luxary in retirement until very recently.

Sadly we said goodbye to Jemma Friday 31 July 2009 with an enlarged kidney the size of a football. It was a sudden thing and she will be sorely missed. She was one very special girl.

She now rests in her favourite sleep hole at the entrance to the dog yard at Samford, with a few of her favourite things: A large dipper of food as she was always hungry, a bone and a large shovel full of her favourite cologne: A la equine extreta.