Sorry - No Litters Planned

I am taking an extended break from breeding and will update this page when circumstances change.

My DAF Queensland Animal Supply number is freely available to anyone upon request. I have chosen not to list it publicly here due to a number of incidents where unscrupuluous back yard breeders have stolen Registered Breeder supply numbers and used them fraudently in their advertisements on social media sites and Gumtree advertisements. I am more than willing to provide my supply number on request.

  • Australian Champion Nahrof Man In The Mirror (Yoshi)
  • Mystiqview A Timelords Story (Spot)
  • Australian Champion Mystiqview Beltaines Fire (Blue) - Now retired from Stud duties as of July 2017

Mystiqview Border Collies would like to thank all those who have enquired about puppies

If you are looking for a pedigree puppy, please visit the Dogz Online website:

While we will sometimes use CEA, CL or TNS carriers in our breeding program, you can be assured that both parents are fully DNA tested to ensure no affected animals will be produced when a carrier animal is used. A carrier will never get this disease, it will only potentially pass on the gene if used in breeding. It should be noted that all colour traits with the exception of merle also fall into the same category as Normal, Carrier and Affected. A coloured dog is AFFECTED for that gene.

Before putting a deposit down, please ensure you are comfortable with ALL terms and conditions set by the breeder and are satisfied the person is ethical and is breeding quality, healthy puppies. Some breeders will not refund deposits, so it is important to be sure of your decision before putting money down on a pup that may not have even been born yet. I personally do not recommend putting a deposit down on any puppy until the puppy is at least born and approximately two weeks of age at which tim the eyes and ears start are open.

When choosing your puppy, please make sure the parents of your chosen puppy are fully health tested  for CEA, CL and TNS. The parents should also be hip and elbow scored and Gionoscopy eye tested. If a breeder is claiming their dogs are tested, please ensure you ask to see the original certificates or copies of the parents or grandparents certificates. A good enthical breeder should also give a copy of these certificates in your puppy pack.

To advertise on the Dogz Online pages, the only criteria is the breeder must be registered with their state's controlling canine body. Unfortunately, this does not always guarantee quality or ethics of the individual person. If you are looking for a puppy in the near future, I recommend keeping a general watch on the Dogz Online website.

Also look at the "mature dog" section as often breeders will be selling older puppies, juveniles or even ex breeders. Often if a breeder has the room, they will run on two or three animals from a particular litter as they cannot make their choice at 8 weeks of age. Somtimes one of these has not shaped up as they would have liked to their chosen discipline and will later be sold on as pets. These can still be quality animals and some will have completed additional health testing, possibly will be desexed and may also have had some extra training.

Unfortunately, there is an increase in those breeders who are breeding for colour and are not paying careful heed to Australia's breed standard, the health and struture of the puppies they are producing. Absolutely NO colour is "Rare". All colours in the border collie occur naturally and depending on the different colours within both parents pedigree, is easily determined how frequently a desired colour is expressed.

There is also a DNA test for coat colour and some breeders are opting for this to ensure increased chances of maxium colour being produced. If you would like to know more about inheritance of colour, please visit my information or links pages for more on colour or feel free to contact me. It costs the same to raise a black/white border collie or a coloured border collie. The price of the puppy should not be reflected in a difference in between sex or colour. Good ethical breeders do not charge more for colour or sex.

If you are looking for a puppy for a specific purpose; eg conformation showing or sporting, I would suggest contacting those breeders who are already in those areas of interest. These breeders will have a better idea of  their chosen sports criteria and would best be able to assist to find your next family friend. Lastly, many ethical show or sporting breeders do not just breed for the show or sporting ring.  Many of our border collies make great pets and most of our puppies who do not go into the sporting field are in loving family pet homes.

Charlotte Reeves Photography:

I would like to extend a big thank you to Charlotte Reeves Photography for taking these photographs of my dogs. She is excellent in handling the dogs and captures the most amazing images.

If you would like to check out Charlotte Reeves Photography, please visit her website or her facebook page via the links below: