Australian Champion Mystiqview Beltaines Fire "Blue"

  • 2017 Calendar Model for Dogs Queensland

  • Easily Trainable

  • Playful

  • Australian Champion Show Dog

  • Pedigree

The Dog:

Blue is the dog I retained from my first litter between Damon and Mia. He has a lovely old fashioned head and conformation.

He has been shown sparingly as it is not his forte to be the centre of attention. He has a temperament akin to a large teddy bear and is best just being around and your mate.

He is from a very slow maturing line, he has taken a while to mature and fill out. Now at 5 years old, he has filled out nicely and is showing good bone and strength.

On the 8th November 2014, he attained his final qualifying points to now be called an Australian Champion. Conformation Showing is a very competitive sport, and it is not easy showing a coloured border collie, and without the help and support of friends and family, this would not have been achieved. Blue is not only my first Australian Champion, he is also my first home bred Australian Champion.

On 21 March 2015, Blue was assessed and passes his accrediation to become a Delta Society Therapy Dog. We are just waiting our placement location in a local hospital or aged care facility. A great achievement to give back to the community after a show life.

Blue has currently sired a number of litters. In cases where he has sired red/white puppies, he has thrown his excellent depth of colour. He has also passed on his good shoulder placement, bone and excellent temperament.

Blue has recently become a model and has modelled for a number of workshops and mentoring sessions with Charlotte Reeve Photography where he has a current profile. I would like very much to thank Charlotte for allowing me to use her photos on his page.

Blue is now retired from stud duties.

2011: Critique from "Mrs K Gregory"

2 years. Large strong red dog of very good type & proportions. Excellent strength of head, pronounced stop, very good expression. Good top & underline. Very good forequarter, good hindquarter. Stands correct in front, moves correct out & back. Good effortless side gaitwhich ideally should have more reach & drive.

2010: Critique from "Mrs L Harrison"

Very striking red and white colour. Very dark pigment. Good head proportions, but would like a more oval shaped eye. Good spring of rib and length of body. Would have liked more slope to croup and a better turn of stifle.

Charlotte Reeves Photography & Ruthless Photos:

I would like to extend a big thank you to Charlotte Reeves Photography, Ruthless Photos and Zoo Studio for taking these photographs of my dogs. These photographers are excellent in handling the dogs and captures the most amazing images.

If you would like to check out these professional Photographers, please visit click on the links below: