The "Dancing" Litter - Born 25 April 2012

  • Sire: Australian Champion Danari Danceth Waves
  • Dam: Wylie Wicked Temptation
  • Pedigree

The Dancing Babies

This is the last litter for Mia at Mystiqview and a very sad one. Mia whelped three beautiful female pups and one was a complete stunner. Sadly, just three days after being born, we lost two female puppies to Fading Puppy Syndrome and infection, possibly caused by Mia's need to have a C-Section to deliver the litter. There is still a son retained from this litter in an agility home here in Brisbane. Zac owned and loved by Michelle Lafferty has the greatest disposition and typical boyish goofiness.

Mia has now been desexed and is living the life of luxary with friends parent in Harvey Bay in Queensland. She has her own Landcruiser, Caravan and couch. What more can a girl want??

"Pepe" has had a very successful show career and has sired 5 Australian Champions and his progeny has won at the higest levels. 

Please enjoy a selection of photos from the puppies playing in the Grass