The "Wicca" Litter - Born 4 July 2009

  • Sire: Hotnote Electrify
  • Dam: Wylie Wicked Temptation
  • Pedigree

A New Direction

Damon is an energetic dog with a strong eye for stalking any bird that happens to land in his yard. He also is  very ball mad and loves fetching and retrieving. He lives with a young family and is great around young children.

Mia is like a cat in dog's clothing. She is quite laid back and enjoys cuddling into people's laps. She is great with people, children and other animals. She is a very gentle dog and wins hearts where-ever she goes. She is showing to be a great mum and had no issues with having extra people in the house during the birth of her puppies.

This mating produced some colour that was not expected. We knew there was tricolour in the pedigree and was expecting possible Red/white, Tricolour and Black/White puppies in this litter. However these two surprised us by producing two Sable/White Puppies.  A colour which is not recognised in Australia's Breed Standard.

The sable/white puppies were incorrectly registered as "Tricolour" when they were five weeks old. It was not until they were  12 weeks old, did the colour come out and determine what is now considered "Sable/White".

While I did not set out to breed this colour, I do believe it should not be hidden for future generations. It is important for breeders to be as correct as possible with regards to colour, in registering their puppies to ensure future breeders of their line know and understand what has come before. It is through knowledge and understanding that comes the ability to breed towards the correct Australian Breed Standard. It is to this end, I have admitted I have produced this colour rather than hide it.