The "Fool" Litter - Born 14 June 2005

  • Sire: Aust Champion Lombrum Thread Bear
  • Dam: Kirbyholme Skyes Dalimit
  • Pedigree

Humble Beginnings

This was my very first litter here at Mystiqview. All these puppies went into valued pet homes where they have lived and are living as valued family members.

Some recent praise from two puppy owners:

20 November 2015: Mystiqview April Fool - Vale
" She really was a dog in  a miillion who were lucky to have as our furever girl. Thank you for a wonderful dog"

20 November 2015: Mystiqview Foolsapprentice
"He is such an intuitive companion, he's known when we've been sick even before we know it, he always gives you a cuddle when you need it most.
He can't wait to get in the Ute (front seat of course ) and go to work every day, and when he goes camping at the beach his eyes light up like a Christmas tree.